How to integrate Karzoun Whatsapp Notifications With Woocommerce Store

How to integrate Karzoun Whatsapp Notifications With Woocommerce / Wordpress

You can download the Plugin from here

**Notifications Notifications for WooCommerce** Sends Notifications notifications to your clients for order status changes. You can also receive an Notifications message when a new order is received.
= Features =  
* Free Whatsapp Notifications Credit: Karzoun (
* Notify store owner on new orders
* Send Notifications notification to client for each order status change
* Customize Notifications template for each order status
* Custom signature can be appended to all outgoing Notifications
* Support for a large number of standard variables in Notifications templates
* Option to add custom variables in Notifications templates
* Send WhatsApp Notifications With Your Own Phone Number 
* Send Notifications to billing or shipping address phone
* Automatically insert the international country code prefix to the customer’s phone number
* Can log all outgoing Notifications for audit trail
* Send Abandoned Cart notificaions with reminders
* Send Otp On register, login, checkout page

== Installation ==
1. You can:
 * Upload the `Karzoun Whatsapp Notifications For Woocommerce` folder to `/wp-content/plugins/` directory via FTP. 
 * Upload the full ZIP file via *Plugins -> Add New -> Upload* on your WordPress Administration Panel.
 * Search **Karzoun Whatsapp Notifications For Woocommerce** in the search engine available on *Plugins -> Add New* and press *Install Now* button.
2. Activate plugin through *Plugins* menu on WordPress Administration Panel.
3. Set up plugin on *WooCommerce -> WhatsApp Notifications* or through *Settings* link.
4. For obtaining credentials, please register at (

== Changelog ==
= 1.0 =
* Initial version.

== Support ==
Please send a message to [email protected] for any help.